Policy1 is a powerful, flexible modelling platform that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, costs and harms of alternative cancer control strategies. The platform uses a world-leading disease modelling approach, and incorporates information about multiple aspects of cancer and risk behaviour, including:

  • the ‘natural history’ of different cancers i.e. the course a disease takes in individual people from its onset until its detection, and eventual resolution to recovery or death
  • prevention strategies, including vaccination and lifestyle interventions
  • individual risk factors and screening behaviours
  • cancer treatment type and uptake
  • variation in different subgroups of the population.
Together with Cancer Council NSW's unique ‘big data’ capacity (including the Compass trial for cervical cancer prevention and linked 45 & Up data which gives information for a whole range of cancers), Policy1 is supporting an innovative world-leading program of predictive modelling research that will provide insight and help quantify the impact of implementing different potential mixes of interventions across the cancer control spectrum.